The Consular Chamber of Commerce is launching its Certified Consular Notary program with in the USA. 

Certified Consular Notaries will be credentialed by the Consular Chamber of Commerce after an online course and test assuring their status as a Notary Public and a substantial level of expertise on Hague Apostille, foreign document legalization and consular function.  The Chamber decided to introduce the training program in 2007, after considering the lack of training and expertise of existing US notary organizations, and their failure to require a higher standard from membership.

Order of Consular EmissariesCertified Consular Notaries will be the only notaries which the Chamber will allow to execute the notarization of passport copies for foreign legalizations, as required by the identity management platform.  CCN’s will be paid by the Consular Chamber, in addition to charging their standard fees, for each member notarization.  This provides substantial additional income to the notary. 

Members of the Emissary Corps may become Certified Consular Notaries free of charge.   Certification brings with it substantial earnings opportunity, as the Consular Chamber expands the platform.  Those seeking Certification should join the Emissary Corps at, then request to join the group “Certified Consular Notaries – USA” for certification procedure.