Consular Chamber of CommerceWhat happens in Vegas stays…on our balance sheets.

Members of the Corps of Consular Emissaries in Nevada have been approached by various governments to become Honorary Consuls.  Discussions are ongoing.  The result could be that Las Vegas becomes a hub of international representation, a reflection of its status as an international entertainment, meeting and business destination.

The true test will be in whether or not the City and State governments are up to the task.  Foreign governments expect a certain level of respect, and embassies presume a city the size of Las Vegas would properly appreciate its consular corps, and understand its business functions.  They are less likely to establish consulates in the face of ‘what happens in Vegas’ ads, and are quick to recognize petty squabbles, local political traps or bureaucratic passive-aggressiveness.

While Nevada has some of the most qualified officials in the Country when it comes to international affairs, some say that others in State and local government seem to have lost sight of the overall objective, in a vacuum of leadership, and fog of ego and protectionism after job cuts.  If the State lacks in international affairs, it is in willpower, not talent. 

According to one Washington, D.C. insider, Nevada’s roughly two dozen consulates would be doubled in number if the City of Las Vegas properly branded itself in the new economy.  It seems at times more obvious to outsiders that Las Vegas is the Meeting Place of the World.  Forget the strippers.  It’s the diverse exhibitions, conventions and conferences that make  it work.

Greater international exposure means greater business opportunities and improved economic and cultural diversity.  The Corps of Consular Emissaries hopes to see such an improvement in the most visited city in the world, Las Vegas.