Knights and Dames of Elmina CastleThere are more slaves now than ever in the history of the world.  Most are women and children.


Take up the sword.  A new underground railroad is born.


The UNESCO World heritage site of Elmina Castle is the oldest European structure in the southern hemisphere.  Build by the Portuguese on Ghana’s Cape Coast in 1482, and later augmented by Cape Coast Castle and other forts in the area, millions of slaves, mostly women, passed through Elmina’s walls.   With four centuries of history in slavery, Elmina Castle is the world’s most prolific symbol of human trafficking – and the ability of man kind to rise above it.

Nominated by members of the consular or diplomatic corps, and knighted by proclamation of the traditional Kings and Queens of Oguaa, Cape Coast, Ghana, home to Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, and by proclamation of other traditional royals, The Knights and Dames of Elmina and the Castles of Cape Coast (known by the short name of Knights of El Mina) are individuals deemed to have fought valiantly to eradicate global trafficking of children.

Who are the Knights?

The Knights of Elmina are organized as a common interest membership group within the Order of Consular Emissaries, a division of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.  The Consular Chamber of Commerce is an international, independent not-for-profit Chamber of Commerce incorporated in Nevada, United States.  Membership is free.

Knights of Elmina are either verified honorary consuls or verified emissaries of royal houses or consular officers, and members of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.  All memberships are free of charge.   Nominees knighted by some of the oldest royal families in the world, in one of the oldest cultures, and for good reason.

The Knights promote and celebrate the ability of the peoples of Cape Coast and all human beings to rise above human trafficking, to heal and to unite.

Because the castles and forts of the Cape are symbols of mankind’s ability to outlast our worst attributes, the Knights of Elmina support preservation, public access and tourism to the iconic structures. We do this financially, through awareness events globally, and fundraising directly to UNESCO.

Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III, Cape Coast Chief and Co-founder of the Knights of Elmina

The Knights also raise funds for entities voted on by the Knights, and approved by the Board of Directors of the Consular Chamber of Commerce, each year.

The organizations to which the Knights of Elmina suggest contributing  are:

1. The Frederick Douglas Family Foundation

2. UNICEF Child Protection Fund

3. The Cultural Event Fund of the Traditional Kingdoms of Cape Coast, Ghana at the Consular Chamber of Commerce

4. UNESCO for the benefit of the Castles and forts of the Cape Coast of Ghana.

Become a Knight

Knights and Dames of Elmina are volunteers from the ranks of the Order of Consular Emissaries, a global corps of volunteers supporting honorary consulates.  All consular emissaries must be recommended by a consul, and their identity verified by the Consular Chamber of Commerce.   Qualified candidates incur no cost but their own expenses, but should consider the commitments before requesting nomination.

Becoming a Knight or Dame of Elmina involves a sworn commitment to take certain steps to stop human trafficking, including:

  • Keeping yourself informed on the subject
  • Learning to recognize signs of human trafficking
  • Informing and educating others on the prevalence of human trafficking, how to spot it and report it
  • Annual fundraising commitments for Knights of Elmina causes and charities
  • Assisting and participating in events of the Knights of Elmina
  • Supporting and protecting the historical iconic landmarks of our title charter, in Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Attending annual induction ceremony in Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Informing and provide intelligence on possible human trafficking operations identified
  • Personal involvement in the rescue of slaves whenever you are called upon and able, whether in aid to local authorities, or in spite of them.

If you are a serious about joining us in these activities, and you are either a verified member honorary consul of the Consular Chamber of Commerce, or a verified Consular Emissary, feel free to request membership in the Knights of Elmina by emailing


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