Consuls:  Grant the title of Emissary on your most trusted confidants


Throughout the ages, consuls have had trusted confidants to whom they have turned to perform sensitive tasks for their consulates.  Ask any active consul and they will tell you who they trust to get things done, in the capital cities of the countries they represent, in the city of their residence, or in other places where the constituents and represented countries have interests.  Most will give you several names without hesitation.

These are the individuals who can be trusted with sensitive documents, discretion of task, back channel information, VIP, business and government relations.Monochrome_logo

The Order of Consular Emissaries is a group of such individuals organized by verified consul members of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.  The Consular Chamber of Commerce is an independent, multinational, not-for-profit, non-political organization based within the consular corps of the world.

The Order of Consular Emissaries documents and databases information on emissaries for consular and public use, at  When a consul anywhere in the world needs the services of a trusted emissary in an unfamiliar territory, they need only search in the Order of Consular Emissaries database.

Consular Emissaries may charge nominal fees for missions accepted, when payment is appropriate and available.  Consular Emissaries typically also provide much pro bono work (without charge) in support of the bestowing consul and the citizens of the country represented by the consul.


As career consul, honorary consul or honorary vice-consul, you possess the unique power to bestow the title of emissary_color_logoConsular Emissary on your trusted confidants.  This title should not be taken lightly, as these individuals may be considered Members of the Consular Post as defined in the Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations of 1963, Article 1, Section 1(g), depending of course upon the rules of each consulate.  As such, an emissary, as an employee of a consul, may be covered by certain provisions of the Vienna Conventions when performing duties under your (consular) employ or instruction.  This bestowal is therefore the ultimate consular recognition of trusted individuals. 

The Chamber provides each emissary with a certificate of recognition, and the coat of arms color lapel pin.  The Emissary may be commissioned, by joining the Emissary Corps, verifying passport ID, and accepting missions from you and other consuls.  Or they may be non-commissioned, not joining the Order of Consular Emissaries and only enjoying the recognition you have provided.

Articles of Recognition

Any verified member consul who has provided verified passport ID via (free for consuls) may bestow the title on as many emissaries as the consul sees fit, anywhere in the world.  Your bestowed emissaries will each receive the Certificate of Recognition and the Order of Consular Emissaries coat of arms color lapel pin.  Your cost is US $49. including shipping to most countries. 

This is an economical means of recognizing those on whom you have depended so many times, while allowing them to benefit from the recognition, if they so desire.


To bestow the title of Consular Emissary, please complete our simple and confidential nomination form.  We willConsularMembers_logo immediately email your nominee a Notice of Bestowal of Title if you see fit.  You may have the Articles of Recognition sent either to them or to you, if you prefer to award them in person.  

We promise not use the information provided for any other purpose, and will not send unsolicited email to the nominee or to you.

Consular Emissary Lapel PinBESTOW THE