Order of Consular EmissariesThe Honorary Consul of Chile in Las Vegas has arranged a solution to the arduous task of transferring funds to Chile.  Although larger amounts can be transferred relatively easily, small remittances are much more difficult and are generally not cost-effective.

The Consulate can now transfer amounts from US $25. to $3,000. from the US to Chile.  Larger amounts are deposited directly into the recipients’ bank accounts, after converting to Pesos, for a fee of $50.  Small amounts are delivered to the account of Consular Emissaries in Chile for disbursement to multiple recipients.  TheChile Country Information fee for this varies depending on location and logistics, but is generally less than $10.

The Consulate of Chile in Las Vegas has Emissaries in Santiago, Arica, Iquique and the Cauquenes area, where the earthquake was centered.  More emissaries are being established.