Dr. Aldo Aguirre, Honorary Vice-Consul of Guatemala in Las Vegas has appointed Mexican Opera personality Marco Antonio Varela as his Emissary.

Marco Antonio Varela named Consular Emissary

Emissary Marco Varela, Consul Biggs Sparkuhl, Vice-Consul Aguirre

Taking advantage of the crowd gathered March 31, 2010 for the open house of the Consular Chamber facilities donated by Attorney Lloyd Baker, Dr. Aguirre surpised the crowd by appointing the popular opera singer.

Mr. Varela first introduced himself to the Order of Consular Emissaries at Cocktails with the Consuls at the Palace in December of 2009.  During the event, Marco and his companion Betsy Ann Fiore swept the crowd off their feet with an incredible impromptu opera performance, accompanied by piano at the Palace.

A true renaissance man, Mr. Varela is has business dealings from his native Mexico to China.  His diplomatic connections extend around the globe. 


If you haven’t heard Marco sing, you will.  He is a phenominal tenor, and the picture of class and decorum.  Vice-Consul Aguirre made an excellent choice.  Any diplomat would benefit from the help of Marco Varela, and I am extremely proud to be associated with him.”    

                                              Jonathan Warren, Premier Consular Emissary


I first met Marco Varela years ago through my dear friend, Her Excellency Berenice Rendón, Ambassador of Mexico.  She thought very highly of him, and over the years I have come to do the same.”      

       – Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl, Honorary Consul of Chile & North American Director,       World Federation of Consuls




The Consular Chamber of Commerce is launching its Certified Consular Notary program with in the USA. 

Certified Consular Notaries will be credentialed by the Consular Chamber of Commerce after an online course and test assuring their status as a Notary Public and a substantial level of expertise on Hague Apostille, foreign document legalization and consular function.  The Chamber decided to introduce the training program in 2007, after considering the lack of training and expertise of existing US notary organizations, and their failure to require a higher standard from membership.

Order of Consular EmissariesCertified Consular Notaries will be the only notaries which the Chamber will allow to execute the notarization of passport copies for foreign legalizations, as required by the Identify.nu identity management platform.  CCN’s will be paid by the Consular Chamber, in addition to charging their standard fees, for each member notarization.  This provides substantial additional income to the notary. 

Members of the Emissary Corps may become Certified Consular Notaries free of charge.   Certification brings with it substantial earnings opportunity, as the Consular Chamber expands the Identify.nu platform.  Those seeking Certification should join the Emissary Corps at www.consul.cc, then request to join the group “Certified Consular Notaries – USA” for certification procedure.

Order of Consular EmissariesThe Honorary Consul of Chile in Las Vegas has arranged a solution to the arduous task of transferring funds to Chile.  Although larger amounts can be transferred relatively easily, small remittances are much more difficult and are generally not cost-effective.

The Consulate can now transfer amounts from US $25. to $3,000. from the US to Chile.  Larger amounts are deposited directly into the recipients’ bank accounts, after converting to Pesos, for a fee of $50.  Small amounts are delivered to the account of Consular Emissaries in Chile for disbursement to multiple recipients.  TheChile Country Information fee for this varies depending on location and logistics, but is generally less than $10.

The Consulate of Chile in Las Vegas has Emissaries in Santiago, Arica, Iquique and the Cauquenes area, where the earthquake was centered.  More emissaries are being established.

Inaugural event attracts overwhelming, diverse crowd

Consuls General of Uzbekistan and Japan fly in day before;  Seven honorary consuls take part.


8 December, 2009–/ The first annual Cocktails with the Consuls took place at the Parisian Palace in Las Vegas, to the acclaim of an at-capacity, unusual collection of guests.    

At-capacity crowd converges on Parisian Palace for Cocktails with the Consuls

At-capacity crowd of dignitaries converges on the Parisian Palace for Cocktails with the Consuls

Over 150 international business people, political candidates, personal and corporate security specialists, former CIA, FBI, State Department and Special Forces officers mixed with diplomats, entertainers, celebrities, corporate sponsors and local Las Vegas society, in a renaissance of international business and investment opportunity.    

“It was a great function. Congratulations to the Las Vegas Consular community for this great evening.  Ditto on the recognition of Nico, Jonathan and Paulina.  Nico’s design skills are incredible.  What a wonderful venue.  I will see you all again soon.  Thanks for the opportunity, I enjoyed it very much.”  –Gary Furlong, Honorary Consul General of Uzbekistan     

Included in the honored guests were:    

  • Ken Walther, decorated former CIA officer
  • Gary Furlong, Honorary Consul General of Uzbekistan
  • Kathleen Blakely, Honorary Consul General of Japan
  • Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl, Honorary Consul of Chile and Member of the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Consuls
  • Jerome Snyder, Honorary Consul of Great Britain
  • John Petkus, Honorary Consul of Poland
  • Dr. Aldo Aguirre, Honorary Vice-consul of Guatemala
  • Dr. Geoffrey Vanderpal, Honorary Consul of Slovakia*
  • Senator Roberto Benvenuti (Italy) 


Marco Antonio Varela and Betsy Ann Fiore perform at Cocktails with the Consuls www.palaceclub.info

Marco Antonio Varela and Betsy Ann Fiore perform opera at Cocktails with the Consuls.

Guests were treated to a brief talk by Consul General Gary Furlong, who’s legendary and daring work in the former Soviet Union is chronicled in the book “Who the Hell is Bob” by Steve Rudman.    

Following Gary our keynote speaker was Ken Walther, a decorated veteran of nearly three decades as a CIA officer.  Ken’s work in 100 countries is chronicled in several books, and the unique secret technology department he helped develop is the subject of the book “Spycraft” by Robert Wallace.   

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Capo's Italian Steakhouse

Tequila Don Cardona

Chez Paulina Private Luxury Guest Residences
Sun Paradise Natural Spring Water

 Consular Chamber of Commerce

*Dr. Vanderpal is the immedate past consul in Las Vegas, Nevada and is Consul Applicant in Austin, Texas

Soviet Armenia, 1988.  A Seattle lawyer with a passion for international relations leads an earthquake relief team behind the Iron Curtain. Many of his colleagues think Gary Furlong is nuts, even before he takes his 55 volunteers across the Soviet border without visas. 

News of the team’s search & rescue and emergency medical relief work crosses the Caspian Sea. 1500 miles east, diplomats in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, get word of this unusual American leader. 

Consul General Furlong with Former Soviet Union Spokesman Vladimir Pozner

Two months later, Gary returns behind the Iron Curtain, this time to meet officials in the Uzbek Capitol, helping to expand the most successful US-Soviet Sister-City alliance, between Tashkent and Seattle, begun in 1973. 

Elected President of the Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association in 1993, Furlong for ten years leads delegation after delegation to Uzbekistan, creating dialog on the rule of law, medicine, democracy, education, performing arts, banking, airline production, investment, tourism and mass media. 

Other Central Asian countries have followed suit, pushing the Seattle attorney to stretch his diplomatic ability as far as Russia. This year he led a Seattle team to three central Asian countries on a US State Department-funded global warming study, and still had time to become a founding member of the Consular Chamber of Commerce. 

Gary Furlong was confirmed as Honorary Consul General of Uzbekistan to the Western United States in 2002. His story is American. His life, stranger than fiction. He’s about to make his first official consular visit to Las Vegas, and we are thrilled to have him attending Cocktails with the Consuls on December 8th.

Read the story of Consul General Furlong’s wild ride in and out of Soviet Armenia in the authorized book exerpt (.pfd).

Mr. Alex Fortunati and Support Services of America have become substantial financial underwriters of Cocktails with the Consuls.

Las Vegas Attorney Lloyd Baker has become a substantial financial underwriter of Cocktails with the Consuls.

Emissary Dave Williams with President Vaclav Klaus

Consular Emissary Dave Williams meets with H.E. Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

November 15, 2009–/ Consular Emissaries continue make the rounds, maintaining strong back channels and working relationships around the world.

Recently, Emissary Dave Williams attended a sold-out event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation, organized to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Many former US Reagan Administration and international leaders were in attendance.  Mr. Williams solidified many relationships, and established new ones as well, including a meeting with His Excellency Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, among others.

Jonathan Warren with Vice President Joe Biden in Las Vegas.

Jonathan Warren with Vice President Joe Biden in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Emissary Jonathan Warren was invited today to meet Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to Las Vegas. 

The Consular Chamber of Commerce and the Order of Consular Emissaries are both non-political organizations.  As such, both organizations seek to maintain strong ties with various political factions, and welcome all political stripes among their ranks.

The Order of Consular Emissaries, together with The Palace Club, Nevada Technology Catalyst Group and Capo’s Italian Steakhouse, is hosting an introduction of newly appointed consuls in Las Vegas, on December 8th, 2009, from 6-10 pm at a private mansion.



John Petkus, Honorary Consul of Poland and Kathleen Blakely, Honorary Consul General of Japan, will be joined by a third consul representing a western european country, who is not yet at liberty to announce publicly her appointment.

In addition to hearing from the consuls themselves, The Order of Consular Emissaries is thrilled to have Ken Walther, Special Projects Manager of the Consular Chamber of Commerce and CEO of sponsoring company Nevada Technology Catalyst Group, speak regarding personal security for the international business person.

The Order of Consular Emissaries will also be making its official dedication of the Parisian Palace as the Official Seat of the Order in Southern Nevada.

The event is free to members of the Consular Chamber of Commerce, the Order of Consular Emissaries, or the Palace Club, or $25. in advance ($50. at the door) for non-members.  All attending please RSVP.

About Ken Walther

As Technical Undercover Operative of the clandestine services, he is the real life version of some box office fiction.

For nearly three decades the covert, true-to-life practitioner of CIA spy technology, assumed various Covers and Identities in working targets around the globe.

Ken Walther, Consular Emissary and 27 year veteran of the CIA
Ken Walther at home in Las Vegas

From Africa, to Southeast Asia, to Central America, Europe and beyond, he practiced the black arts for the Clandestine Services. 

Racking  up 102 Countries while living overseas for 20 years countering  terrorism, genocide, espionage and assassination, he learned to sleep with one eye open, always faces the door, and uses tradecraft all operatives adapt to their everyday lives. 

A recipient of the Intelligence Medal of Merit for conducting operations of high national security value, as well as the Career Intelligence Medal and numerous certificates from the US Department of State and from foreign intelligence services,  Ken is instructor, engineer, paramilitary colleague and technologist.

Still on the cutting edge of technology as a consultant and entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Ken lives among us, a Consular Emissary.   But we just call him “Q”.

“One of the more famous capers he worked on involved the creation of devices that looked and acted like bombs, except they couldn’t detonate.  CIA operatives gave the devices to Spanish terrorists who in 1983 planned to kill Juan Carlos, the King of Spain.  Hidden within the fakes were homing devices that led to the terrorists’ capture.”-“Spies In The Valley” by Joe Shoenmann, Las Vegas Sun Oct. 22, 2009

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The most progressive of royals has captured a tremendous audience worldwide.